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Ideas are like a hairball in a shower drain. Or vomit. Or anything less disgusting you would prefer to think about that is a mixture of all kinds of stuff.
Like bubble-and-squeak, or a smoothie made from whatever’s been in your fridge for more than a week.

Every day, we’re bombarded with information. That’s what an idea is: it’s life, it’s the everyday objects, situations and ‘what if’s that get stuffed into a mind on a daily basis.

The brain will keep the bits it finds intriguing or it decides would be useful information for later. But there’s only so much room for things in a mind, so it’s going to connect some things to others, blending circumstances and jokes and feelings into a ball of mind-slush. This mind-slush whirls around the head, absorbing more and more of whatever it comes across and adds it to the mishmash already there.

The pressure builds and builds, coming closer and closer to the forefront of the mind until it takes up so much thought-space that you’re constantly thinking of it and purposely adding new stuff into the crazy, mixed-up monster of a thought in your mind. When the pressure becomes too much, it explodes, leading to the ah-ha! moment when all the puzzle pieces have been put together and the idea is cohesive enough to write down. 



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Laura H Macrae
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm a 20something-year-old Christian writer from Sydney, Australia. I write in the Young Adult, Sci-fi/Fantasy genre. I also love to take photos.

I'm really, really bad at updating here on deviantART due to so many, many things going on in my life. If you're interested in my stories, check out my blogs:
I'll likely have more updates there.
Conversely, drop me a note in the comment section of something you want to see more of an I'll do a quick update here on dA.

Current Residence: Sydney, Australia


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ARstories Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2016   Writer
Thanks for the thoughtful and detailed comment on my story The Jealous Brother!

I quickly browsed thru a handful of your stories. Based on the quality, I recommend that you consider publishing to which is a community specifically for writers. I think you'll find that you get much more engagement + feedback there than dA, which is primarily for visual artists (and a great home for your photos).
Lhmac Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks, that's really flattering. I've used AuthorsDen before, but my lack of artistic talent to make a cover is kind of daunting on sites like those, and it takes a lot of effort to get it uploaded in the first place, I mostly make use of my own blog, then try to get a couple of extra views and comments here on dA, or just post my experimental stuff or half-formed thoughts for fun. I'm mostly a hobby writer, so I don't put much effort into making my work more ... professional, I guess.

I've checked out Wattpad. It seems more casual than AuthorsDen, so I'll try uploading stuff there. Actually, the cover creator is a pretty awesome thing that'll make me feel better about lacking one. I haven't had the chance yet to look around your gallery. Do you use Wattpad much?
ARstories Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2016   Writer
I haven't used Wattpad myself, but have read about it and heard that it's pretty good.

Only about 5% of dA accounts are writers. This is really more a community focused on the visual artists, with an emphasis on fanfiction.

My content is pretty niche - focused on age regression, where characters get younger in the story. The best known mainstream story in this vein is the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. There are a handful of groups on dA that focus on this type of content, so it makes sense for me to publish where the audience is.
Lhmac Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Ok. But I'm not sure why you'd think that someone who has been writing for as long as I have isn't aware of the pros and cons of using dA? I already know it's mostly a visual medium, but I use it anyway. I've been using this site for 4 years, and I have found communities I like here.
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