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Laura wasn’t very good at …. well, she’d say anything, but she was well-known for being more than slightly on the pessimistic side of realist, and there was no doubt that everyone and their dog would be telling her at that point that there had to be *something* she was good at.
Like singing, she guessed.
Anyway, Laura was never very good at logic puzzles and finding patterns. But she found herself doing an IQ test nonetheless. The last time she had done an IQ test was in psychology class, but she didn’t think that one quite counted since they had very little time to do it. She couldn’t remember her score, anyway.
Why was she doing an IQ test on the internet? Well, it seemed to her that she was doing it just to make herself frustrated. Was this really the best use of her time?
Well, once something is started, there’s no point quitting just because it’s frustrating. Laura powered through and only started hitting skip when she got to 90% completed
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After Work
Laura’s ride home from work was uneventful, as usual. Why the three lanes on the 100km/h highway were going 60km/h, 75km/h and 90km/h was beyond frustrating, though.
The wind was usually a relief for her as she rode in the heat of the Australian summer, but this day was hot and dry, when she had her visor up, hot wind blasted Laura in the face, providing her with no comfort whatsoever.
Laura tentatively took off her bike gear when she got home. She’d been looking to getting home, putting on swimmers and going to the pool all day, but she wasn’t exactly great at doing the things she planned to do. Instead Laura played an app game on her tablet, then sat on the couch beside her mum.
“The dog’s ears need cleaning again. Have you seen them?” her mum commented.
Laura sighed. “Where’s the ear cleaning solution?”
“In the kitchen, I think.”
Laura got up to retrieve the bottle of liquid and a handful of cotton buds. When she retu
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Morning Again
Adult-ing is hard.
That was Laura’s catchphrase for the morning. She ignored her 6am alarm, as usual. But woke up just before her 7am alarm went off. She turned on her laptop to watch some anime.
There was a knock on the door at about 7.20. It was Laura’s mum, asking if she was awake. Well, that was to be expected. Yesterday she had been out of her room twice already by this time.
The 7.30 alarm hadn’t gone off when Laura closed her laptop and finally exited her room, having to wait as her brother wheeled his luggage through the hallway. She said hi to her dog, April, who was wandering around the kitchen.
“Your feet are wet, Bubba.” Laura exclaimed as she bent down to pat her.
There was a box of doughnuts on the kitchen bench. “Somebody bought me Krispy Kremes to eat for breakfast!” she exclaimed, delicately opening the box and selecting one of the round treats from the untouched rows of sugary delights.
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First day
Laura was woken by the sound of a phone ringing.
It was an unfamiliar ring tone – she’d gotten a new phone, and she hadn’t bothered to change the settings to anything other than the default – so it took a little while to register what the sound was.
She picked up her phone and looked at it. The caller ID said BARBARA. Laura groaned inwardly. Barbara was a co-worker in the Woolworths Stocktake Team, and they were supposed to carpool to work together, but Laura had excused herself from work for the next month. It seemed no one had told Barbara.
It was 3.30am, and Laura checked around the sides of the unfamiliar phone for the volume button to silence the call. She couldn’t find the volume control, and was worried about touching any other keys in case she accidentally answered it, so she waited for the call to ring out. Then she found the sound settings and switched the phone to silent so she could go back to to sleep.
The next time Laura woke up, it was 6am,
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The Facility (3)
Part 1
Part 2
 After all of the tests, and more questions that Minako knew she wasn't coherent enough to answer, she was presented with a bowl of some yellow-brown mush to eat. It tasted better than it looked, and when she had finished, she ignored the lack of bed or blanket and curled up in her corner to sleep. She dreamt of the little girl, standing above her as she lay in her concrete box.
     After a few moments of the girl standing over her silently, Minako unfurled herself and stared up into the girl's grey-green eyes. She hadn't had the chance to see her eye colour in the midst of the earlier situation, and there was something unnatural about the way the colour seemed to swirl around her pupil.
     “If you’re here,” Minako said, not moving from her position on the floor, “this is
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The Facility (2)
Part 1
At a point she tried her best not to remember, Minako passed out from the pain. She awoke staring at the grey ceiling again, but this time when she tried to move, her body responded to her commands. Sitting up, she twisted around, swinging her legs onto the floor and hoping they’d hold her weight.
      Her view of the room was just as boring as the roof, the single orange bulb barely lighting the corners of the concrete-walled, grey-ceilinged room. Minako’s head pounded and she swayed slightly on her feet as she stumbled to the metal door.
      “Hey!” she called out, banging on it with her fist. “Hey! Whatever you want from me, haven’t you gotten it by now?” She registered in her mind that both of her arms were fine after being cracked by the crazy doctor.
      She stopped demanding answers from beyond the silent door an
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The Facility (1)
Minako kicked down her stand, removed her helmet and swung herself off her motorcycle, running a hand along the yellow paint as she left it in front of the huge iron gate. She spun her backpack into her hands to withdraw her package and clipboard as walked.
‘The Facility’ was the name on the closed gate. According to her notes, this was the place, and they should be expecting her delivery, but everything was shut up.
Through the open pedestrian entrance, Minako peered at the administration building. The setting sun was sitting atop the single-storey structure and squashed between the two large warehouses behind, making her squint. She saw no activity around the front, but they were all probably just busy elsewhere. She glanced at the tiny glass-encircled guard house between the pedestrian and main gates. Or just out to a late lunch?
There was no point waiting for someone to return to the watch post. This was Minako’s last delivery of the day, and the strange ‘Fa
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Seraphine (2)
  Uros stopped on a hill above the town and pulled the sword from its sheath. He wasn’t sure what he expected, but it certainly looked like a normal sword. He studied the blade and noticed writing etched lightly into it. He couldn’t make out any words, though, they were in some language he had never seen. He thought it might be some kind of spell, and maybe finding a mage would help him decipher them.
He swung the sword around a couple of times, testing its weight. It sliced through the air like an extension of his arm, and Uros smiled, feeling the right-ness and triumph of finally finding the sword he was destined to find.
He swung the sword though the air again and spun around. He stopped and frowned when he noticed Sara leaning against a tree, watching him with a thoughtful gaze.
“Are you following me?” he demanded as he returned the sword to its sheath.
Sara smiled and folded her arms across her chest. “Technically, you brought me with you.”
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Seraphine (1)
Uros was born on an ordinary day. There were no massive celestial movements or big historical events as one would expect happen on the day one with an extraordinary destiny came into the world. There was not a celebration in the streets, or even within his own family, really. Uros’s mother had been in hiding from the man who had given him life, and so when he was born, a hushed silence came upon the room of the house his mother had taken shelter.
But though no one spoke a word of his birth, within a few days, a mage came to the house.
Marion, the owner of the house, and Uros’s future aunt, was flustered at so powerful a visitor. Mages wore their power like a robe about their shoulders, and this man was no exception. He didn’t even ask for an invite before Marion stepped aside to let him in and began making tea. When she came back with a scalding tea pot, the man stopped her to speak.
“Are you the mother?” he asked.
Marion stared at him for a moment, confus
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The Studying Obsession
Twilight Sparkle had always wanted to go to the Summer Sun Celebration to see Princess Celestia raise the sun. When she was a little foal, she had heard stories from older fillies and colts about how great it was, how it filled their hearts with warmth to see their princess bring the bright ball of light and heat into the sky.
As the day approached that she would finally be able to see it happen in her home city of Canterlot, Twilight became increasingly excited about it. Her parents had bought her a calendar, and she crossed off the days as they passed. As time went on, she felt that the days moved by too slowly, and she split each day into morning and night so she could cross off smaller periods of time.
Twilight had just awoken and she glanced at her calendar. The month until this day was a mess of black lines sectioning parts of each day and red crosses as each carefully documented piece of time passed. This was definitely going to be the best day ever!
She bounded out of her room,
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The Seer (1)
The light filtered through the windows of the hospital corridor, motes of dust spinning lazily to the floor. There were people around: doctors and nurses hurrying from one room to another, pausing only to acknowledge coworkers;  patients in embarrassing spotted hospital gowns shuffling on their way to the cafeteria or the courtyard; visitors who scurried nervously along, glancing at room numbers with apprehension. It wasn't the strangest of scenes, but it took Karina a few seconds to register that this scenario was playing with the sound off. She stood in a silent hallway, but it didn't seem the least bit eerie. Behind her was an open door to a private room. She stepped inside to see a woman in labour, her screaming and the surrounding staff's encouragement completely muted. It felt like a private moment, so Karina turned to face the door which was now closed. She approached it and reached for the handle. But although the metal was solid beneath her hand, she found she cou
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Tome of the Night Sky by Lhmac Tome of the Night Sky :iconlhmac:Lhmac 1 0 Hayate Yagami Staff by Lhmac Hayate Yagami Staff :iconlhmac:Lhmac 0 0
Forward or Die
The nighttime glow of the moon reached in through the net curtains and the skylight, illuminating the sparsely furnished room. A shadow stretched into the corner behind the open door, and it was there that Louis crouched, staring resolutely into the eerie stillness. His back pressed to the wall, he held a pair of oversized scissors in one hand and clutched the neck of a chipped wooden cricket bat with the other. There was no chance anyone would sneak up on him tonight.
As he waited, he thought bitterly about how the universe must hate him. Of all the times it could, why did his computer have to crash right after he clicked the forward button?
It hadn't even had the decency to stay on long enough for him to see dancing monkeys flash across the screen – a feat he'd been promised for sending the prosperity angel email to the twenty required contacts, as well as ten more for extra riches.
And so now Louis was miserably slouched, a
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I am the Kracken - part 5
Trent sat on the floor of the Kracken's office, breathing heavily and looking distressed.
     "That was ... you're ... it's ..." He took a deep breath. "You're the one I met at the ball." His teeth showed as he gave a brilliant grin.
     Emma just stared. She had wondered whether Trent had really noticed Frank that night, or if he'd believed it actually was a unicorn. Now her question was answered and she didn't know how to react. She'd just risked a lot to save this boy, and all her plans had failed. She wasn't exactly sure how to proceed.
     Trent was still panting and looking disheveled, so she reasoned fixing him up was the best way to start. Leaving him on the floor, she walked out to get a glass of water. None of her assistants were around, so she had to find a glass herself, and by the time she returned to the office, Trent had dragged himself over to the couch and was slumped against it. She crouched
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I am the Kracken - part 4
Trent opened the door for Emma. "And will I get to meet this Kracken? The rescue he pulled after Jareel's coup still has everyone talking."
     "He … likes to keep himself a mystery," Emma explained, wondering why she was feeling so guilty for lying. "I think I'm the only one who knows who he is."
    "Not a chance he'd show himself to the new guy then." Trent got into the car.
    Emma frowned at his nervousness. He'd been nervous around her at the ball, but then he'd been quiet. Now he was babbling. "Am I making you anxious?"
    "No, it's just … Your Dad, he always talked about you, and I've been waiting forever to meet you."
    Emma was surprised by his answer. "What did he say about me?"
    Trent just leant back and smiled. "He told me how much he loved you, and how even your frown could make a man as tough as him feel love."
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Welcome to our brand spanking :new: Quarterly Resource Feature!  That's right, four times a year we're going to invade your inbox with some pointers, guides and tutorials to assist you in your writing adventures and there's nothing you can do about it!  :giggle:
For our first feature, we're going to keep things simple and work with the basics of starting your story.  It should be obvious that a story starts with an idea.  But how do we get from a basic idea to a full blown novel?  Well, there are lots of answers to that.  Here are just some:
How to Write a Novel

BarbecuedIguana not only explains basic plotting, but also covers the entire writing process in this compact deviation.
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Ideas are like a hairball in a shower drain. Or vomit. Or anything less disgusting you would prefer to think about that is a mixture of all kinds of stuff.
Like bubble-and-squeak, or a smoothie made from whatever’s been in your fridge for more than a week.

Every day, we’re bombarded with information. That’s what an idea is: it’s life, it’s the everyday objects, situations and ‘what if’s that get stuffed into a mind on a daily basis.

The brain will keep the bits it finds intriguing or it decides would be useful information for later. But there’s only so much room for things in a mind, so it’s going to connect some things to others, blending circumstances and jokes and feelings into a ball of mind-slush. This mind-slush whirls around the head, absorbing more and more of whatever it comes across and adds it to the mishmash already there.

The pressure builds and builds, coming closer and closer to the forefront of the mind until it takes up so much thought-space that you’re constantly thinking of it and purposely adding new stuff into the crazy, mixed-up monster of a thought in your mind. When the pressure becomes too much, it explodes, leading to the ah-ha! moment when all the puzzle pieces have been put together and the idea is cohesive enough to write down. 



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Laura H Macrae
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm a 20something-year-old Christian writer from Sydney, Australia. I write in the Young Adult, Sci-fi/Fantasy genre. I also love to take photos.

I'm really, really bad at updating here on deviantART due to so many, many things going on in my life. If you're interested in my stories, check out my blogs:
I'll likely have more updates there.
Conversely, drop me a note in the comment section of something you want to see more of an I'll do a quick update here on dA.

Current Residence: Sydney, Australia


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Thanks, that's really flattering. I've used AuthorsDen before, but my lack of artistic talent to make a cover is kind of daunting on sites like those, and it takes a lot of effort to get it uploaded in the first place, I mostly make use of my own blog, then try to get a couple of extra views and comments here on dA, or just post my experimental stuff or half-formed thoughts for fun. I'm mostly a hobby writer, so I don't put much effort into making my work more ... professional, I guess.

I've checked out Wattpad. It seems more casual than AuthorsDen, so I'll try uploading stuff there. Actually, the cover creator is a pretty awesome thing that'll make me feel better about lacking one. I haven't had the chance yet to look around your gallery. Do you use Wattpad much?
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Only about 5% of dA accounts are writers. This is really more a community focused on the visual artists, with an emphasis on fanfiction.

My content is pretty niche - focused on age regression, where characters get younger in the story. The best known mainstream story in this vein is the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. There are a handful of groups on dA that focus on this type of content, so it makes sense for me to publish where the audience is.
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Ok. But I'm not sure why you'd think that someone who has been writing for as long as I have isn't aware of the pros and cons of using dA? I already know it's mostly a visual medium, but I use it anyway. I've been using this site for 4 years, and I have found communities I like here.
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